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MCN represents a list of all the influencers we work with across various social media platforms and our continuing effort to improve the quality of content that they create with our brand partners. 

What They Say

Love Verma, Edelman

Love Verma, Edelman

We enjoy working with MCN they are professional, creative; They stick to their commitments and they are ROI-centric.

Sakshi Bajaj, Social Catalyzers

Sakshi Bajaj, Social Catalyzers

MCN is adept at coordinating between influencers and brands to maintain strict timelines

Seshu Karthick, Dimensions Co.

Seshu Karthick T, Dimensions Co

They were extremely successful in coordinating hundreds of influencers and making sure the challenging requirements of the brand were met by every one of them

Our Services

The MCN offers professional influencer marketing services to brands and brings in influencers from around the globe to influence customers.

Influencer Marketing

The MCN can increase your brand's reach and bring influencers and your brand together to participate in customer-driven influencer marketing.

Growing Influencer Reach

On a mission to reach your target audience? Work with the best influencers around the world to help your brand get its reach.

Monetizing Influencer Accounts

Are you a content creator looking to monetize your work? Connect with brands and influence people on social media platforms to maximise your profits.

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